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Experience a day in the life of an English brewer

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Come and try your hand at making an Anstey ale this is a full day brewing with our head brewer, learn all the steps in making real ale.

 What to expect 

8 AM - Meet the brewer and get shown around.

8:15 - a first brew of the day ( tea or coffee )and safety talk

8:40 - The Mash and talk about grain

10:00 - mash out and sparge

10:30 - tea break 

11:30 - cleanout mash tun 

12:00  - weigh out hops

12:30 - lunch, stretch your legs with a two min walk to the Nook corner coffee shop

and enjoy a Ploughman's lunch with Anstey Ale of your choice.

1:30 - talk on hops and how and when to use them

2:30 - cooling and cleaning

3:30 - pitch yeast

4:30/5:00 finish


Safety first

Please wear sensible shoes you will be working with hot liquids so no open shoes.

Please were your hair up if you have long hair and no jewelry that could fall into the beer

Max 5 in a group

Please contact us for more info

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